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Meet Shelly The Confidence Coach

Certified Transformation Life Coach

Confidence & Goal Success Expert

Shelly is the best when it comes to helping professionals and entrepreneurs to authentically increase confidence to achieve professional goals in less time.


Shelly Eldridge is known as "Shelly The Confidence Coach". She is a Certified Transformation Life Coach, 6x Author, Graphic Designer, Licensed Minister, and Entrepreneur.

Her genius lies in her innate ability to help you connect the dots and identify hindrances to progress with simple actionable strategies for consistent authentic confidence and motivation. You will be prepared to achieve your goals faster and increase your impact and income. 

Shelly's clients appreciate her interactive and easy-to-implement approach to increasing confidence for faster goals success. She uses her proven 8-step goal success coaching model called The Possibility Framework™ to empower you to FINALLY accomplish the professional goals you have been desiring to achieve for months, years, or even decades with confidence.

Increase your confidence and achieve your goals faster with Shelly The Confidence Coach!

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Confidence Coaching & Goal Success Coaching

Shelly The Confidence Coach provides tools, strategies, and a coaching model designed to prepare you to increase your confidence, find your life's purpose, achieve your professional goals in less time, and make your created impact in the world. 

  • Overcome Negative Self-talk

  • Breakthrough Procrastination

  • Navigate Beyond Your Hindrances and Challenges Faster

  • Take Intentional Action With Simple Action Steps

  • See yourself as the BEST person to achieve your goals

  • Identify your strengths, skills, talents, and gifts

The Possibility Framework™

To accomplish goals, professionals MUST have the mindset they need to achieve those goals.


What good is a S.M.A.R.T. goal if you don't feel motivated or confident enough to take action?

That's why Shelly created The Possibility Framework™, a proven 8-Step goal success coaching model that provides millennials with the practical tools and strategies they need to regain confidence, gain clarity for their goals, understand their why, and set a clear path with actionable steps.

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