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Meet Shelly The Confidence Coach

Certified Transformation Life Coach

Goal Success Expert

Shelly Eldridge, is the best when it comes to helping high achievers get out of their own way, ignite powerful confidence, and overcome the fear that holds them back from being at the top of their game. 


Shelly Eldridge is the CEO & Founder of Shelly The Confidence Coach. She is a purpose-driven and impact-focused leader, 6x author, Licensed Minister, Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur, Rapid Goal Success Strategist and Coach who has earned the title, “Shelly The Confidence Coach.” 

Her genius lies in her innate ability to help clients quickly connect the dots that convert into more confidence, faster goal success, increased profits, and more impact for their created purpose. Her empowering approach to inner confidence has helped hundreds of high-achievers embrace and leverage what they already have to cut down delay by months, years, and even decades. 

Shelly's clients appreciate her interactive and easy-to-implement approach to increasing confidence for faster goals success. She uses her proven 8-step goal success coaching model called The Possibility Framework™ to empower you to FINALLY accomplish the personal or professional goals you have been desiring to achieve for months, years, or even decades with confidence.

Ignite Your Confidence And Break Through The Fear that Is Holding You Back From Hitting Or Surpassing Your Income & Impact Goals with Shelly The Confidence Coach!

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Results Driven Coaching

Shelly The Confidence Coach provides a personalized and comprehensive coaching experience tailored to your specific needs to help you:

  • Increase Confidence

  • Overcome Negative Self-talk

  • Breakthrough Procrastination

  • Navigate Beyond Your Hindrances and Challenges Faster

  • Take Intentional Action

  • See Yourself As The BEST Person To Achieve Your Goals

  • Identify Your Strengths, Skills, Talents, and Gifts

  • Discover Your Special Sauce

  • Achieve Your Income Goals

  • Make Your Created Impact

Proven Strategies & Tools

To accomplish goals, women MUST have the mindset they need to achieve those goals.


What good is a S.M.A.R.T. goal if you don't feel motivated or confident enough to take action?

That's why Shelly created The Possibility Framework™, a proven 8-Step goal success coaching model that provides women with the practical tools and strategies they need to quickly increase confidence and set a clear path with actionable steps to achieve personal or professional goals in less time.


By Vision Creations LLC DBA Shelly The Confidence Coach is a Certified Women-Owned & Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, SBR certified through Maryland

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