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Results From Our Clients

Your Results May Vary From These Success Stories*

How Rosalyn Got A Quick Win 
After One Conversation

Success Stories

Colin Fraser

How Colin Found The Secret Sauce To Increase Sales In His Business


How Jasmine Saved 5k in Less Than 90 days


How Joe Was Able To Move Closer To The Best Version Of Himself 


How Rosalyn Had An Awakening After Only 1 Session


How Darvincia Was Encouraged & Motivated to Keep Climbing

Tai Jones

How Tai Connected The Dots In A Practical & Actionable Way


How Jordan Finally Saw Himself Taking Action Towards His Goals


How Tab Was Able To Regain Hope And Quickly Experienced Breakthrough


How Barbara Changed 2 Words And Instantly Felt More Empowered


How Lara Made Massive Progress In Just 2 Weeks



How Stephanie Was Able To Get Her Handmade Products Sold In 4 Different Stores After Only 3 Months

“Thank you Shelly for helping me with my goal. I put myself out there and now I’m overwhelmed!! Lol I have the opportunity to sell in 4 stores this spring and summer and I went from OH YEAH to OH CRAP real quick. Thanks!! Now I’m going to use your system to figure out how to tackle it once the initial shock wears off, lol”

Excellent Coaching Model

“Shelly Eldridge’s coaching model can be applied to any level within a corporate or entrepreneurial structure. She gave examples of identifying current mindsets that may be keeping you from making a decision to move into action, how to make consumable pieces for your goal so that you maintain momentum, the importance of surrounding yourself with accountability partners that will be a catalyst toward your wins, and the need to encourage yourself along the journey. Shelly Eldridge is an excellent motivational coach whose energy will encourage anyone to take action.”

There's More Results.....

"My greatest takeaway was finding out how I can contribute to my company's end results."

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Increased Confidence

“I now have the confidence to complete some of my goals that I was procrastinating about completing.”

Awesome Coaching Experience

"Thank you Shelly!! You have made an awesome coaching experience for everyone who comes to you! They are going to be truly blessed and amazed."

A Life Changing Blessing

"Any body that agrees to go through your program is agreeing to walk into a blessing. So thank you! "

Regained My Faith and Hope

"All thanks to God and Spirit for guiding me through. The turning point in my journey started with an unexpected convo with friend and coach, Shelly."

Confidence For Life

"Don't think of it as confidence just for business, think of it as confidence for life. We need confidence in all areas of our lives work life, home life, and business life. I didn't know there was a such thing as a confidence coach. After our conversation I thought, "why didn't I get one sooner?"

Nuggets for Immediate Action

“So many things! I need to make a decision (step 2) and then carry it forward. That was just one nugget of immediate action that I will take as it relates to my personal life.”

Motivated to Take Action

“I feel most motivated to take action on my to do list! I have an overall to-do list that has personal and work tasks. This workshop reminded me to go back and take care of low hanging fruits!”

I Feel More Motivated

“I feel motivated to actively work on setting goals and following through on achieving them.”

Practical Process

“It was a practical process that I can use on setting my future goals. Also motivated me today to continue with a professional decision that I need to make soon.”

Helped To Make Goals Attainable

“This workshop provided tools to create attainable goals.”

Very Inspiring

“This was very inspiring and I can reflect on the session on both my personal and professional life.”

Ready to Achieve My Goals

“Great Session! Very motivating and inspiring, I am ready to achieve my goals!”

Never Been This Empowered

“I’m still on a high from your masterclass. It’s been 3 weeks. I’ve never been this excited, empowered or inspired EVER!! Thank you!”

Awesome Masterclass

“AWESOME MASTERCLASS! I’ve heard everything you said before, however it was something special and activating when you said it.” 

Fantastic Presentation

“Fantastic presentation! I really appreciated how The Possibility Framework™ focused on making actionable steps to reach a goal. I get too bogged down in the big picture and then the negative self-talk kicks up and I am paralyzed. That said, I am stuck and need a voice like yours to support me through finishing my MS degree. I am so close!” 

Loved Talking To You

“Nice talking with you Shelly. I really loved what you said. I always thought that in my head, however I was not able to actually figure out what it would be in words. I would like to talk more on how I would go about doing that.” 

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