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I understand the strategies I am learning may require me to take action and that action is solely my responsibility. Without the right, consistent actions, I may not experience the results intended by The Program. I also understand that the results By Vision Creations LLC and others' experience in The Program may or may not be what I experience, as everyone’s results differ. If I choose to implement any strategies or participate in any services or products suggested, I understand that By Vision Creations LLC is a Coaching program and not financial or legal advisors and any further obligations I make will be based on my own informed decisions and/or advice from my own legal or financial advisors.


The testimonials, reviews, client results, and client earnings presented on Shelly The Confidence Coach's websites and social media pages are those of previous or existing clients who purchased and used Shelly The Confidence Coach's information, products, or services. All testimonials and reviews are voluntary, unpaid, and no clients were provided with free products, services, or any benefits in exchange for their testimonial or review.


The testimonials and reviews are presented verbatim except for grammatical and typing corrections, edits for clarity, edits to remove extraneous information, and edits to fit an allotted amount of space. The client results and earnings presented in testimonials and reviews are not typical, they represent the unique experiences of specific clients, and they are not representative of all clients.

Children under the age of 18 must be approved by their parents to participate in services offered by Shelly The Confidence Coach before participating. Under no circumstances will this be avoided.


The results achieved by any person who purchases products or services from Shelly The Confidence Coach will vary based on several factors including an individual’s background, business or professional experience, capacity, and work ethic. All business involves some unknown risks that can reduce the results any individual experiences. Shelly The Confidence Coach does not guarantee that any individual will experience identical or similar results to that of any client depicted. Shelly The Confidence Coach is not liable for the success or failure of your personal life, career, or business whether in/directly related to the purchase of Shelly The Confidence Coach's information, products, or services.

By Vision Creations LLC involves coaching strategies, tips, and tools intended to encourage, motivate and empower high level professionals towards goal success. Information shared and activities contained in books, workshops, coaching sessions, courses or any other modes of information sharing are not intended to serve as a replacement for therapeutic, psychological or any other service rendered by licensed practitioners. Results are based on individual application and do not solely depend on the content shared from By Vision Creations LLC or its affiliates. I release By Vision Creations LLC, the managing members, employees, and representatives from any liabilities from the course of Goal Success University.


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