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Goal Success Accelerator™


With Confidence and Clarity!

Boost Confidence & Clarity with The Possibility Framework™

The Goal Success Accelerator is an 8-Week Coaching Program that uses The Possibility Framework™ to provide you with proven & practical strategies and tools to help you boost your confidence, increase your income,  and achieve your personal or professional goals in less time. 

Proven Process

Achieve Your Personal or Professional Goals Faster

Struggling to find what works for you because of too much information and too little implementation? We provide you with personalized coaching, proven strategies, and actionable, easy-to-implement next steps so to can achieve your goals faster.


Take Action With Clarity & Confidence

Get unstuck and take action for your personal or professional goals faster, identify your hindrances and roadblocks, and gain the confidence to identify and execute a clear plan for massive progress.

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What you'll get:

Personalized Coaching with Shelly

Increased Self-Confidence

Clarity For Personal or Professional Goals 

Weekly Coaching Sessions 

Ultimate Goal Success Questions

Customized Progress Tracker

Access to The Digital University

Delivered 100% Online for Accessibility

Personalized Coaching with Shelly The Confidence Coach in The Goal Success Accelerator

"Shelly is very approachable. She broke down concepts in a way that is easy to understand!"

Make Progress Faster

Build a Solid Foundation of Self-Confidence

When you see yourself as the BEST person to achieve your goal and get authentic motivation and empowerment, you are able to overcome your roadblocks, hindrances, and challenges faster to achieve your goals in less time.


Achieve Your Goals In Less Time

Gain step-by-step guidance to get out of your own way and start leveraging what you already have to get unstuck and take action faster with a proven framework. That increased confidence, income, and impact is within reach!


Ways We Help You

Get Unstuck

Discover What You Really Want

Achieve Your Professional Goals Faster

Make Your Created Impact

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"Saved 5k and Achieved Her Goal 10x Faster"​

Before I started working with you, I only had $200 saved. I have a little over 5K saved! THANK YOU!!

Increased Confidence

“I now have the confidence to complete some of my goals that I was procrastinating about completing.”

Excellent Coaching Model

“Shelly Eldridge’s coaching model can be applied to any level within a corporate or entrepreneurial structure. She gave examples of identifying current mindsets that may be keeping you from making a decision to move into action, how to make consumable pieces for your goal so that you maintain momentum, the importance of surrounding yourself with accountability partners that will be a catalyst toward your wins, and the need to encourage yourself along the journey. Shelly Eldridge is an excellent motivational coach whose energy will encourage anyone to take action.”

Nuggets for Immediate Action

“So many things! I need to make a decision (step 2) and then carry it forward. That was just one nugget of immediate action that I will take as it relates to my personal life.”

Reminded to Take Action

“I feel most motivated to take action on my to do list! I have an overall to-do list that has personal and work tasks. This workshop reminded me to go back and take care of low hanging fruits!”

I Feel More Motivated

“I feel motivated to actively work on setting goals and following through on achieving them.”

Practical Process

“It was a practical process that I can use on setting my future goals. Also motivated me today to continue with a professional decision that I need to make soon.”

Helped To Make Goals Attainable

“This workshop provided tools to create attainable goals.”

Very Inspiring

“This was very inspiring and I can reflect on the session on both my personal and professional life.”

Ready to Achieve My Goals

“Great Session! Very motivating and inspiring, I am ready to achieve my goals!”

Never Been This Empowered

“I’m still on a high from your masterclass. It’s been 3 weeks. I’ve never been this excited, empowered or inspired EVER!! Thank you!”

Awesome Masterclass

“AWESOME MASTERCLASS! I’ve heard everything you said before, however it was something special and activating when you said it.” 

Fantastic Presentation

“Fantastic presentation! I really appreciated how The Possibility Framework™ focused on making actionable steps to reach a goal. I get too bogged down in the big picture and then the negative self-talk kicks up and I am paralyzed. That said, I am stuck and need a voice like yours to support me through finishing my MS degree. I am so close!” 

Loved Talking To You

“Nice talking with you Shelly. I really loved what you said. I always thought that in my head, however I was not able to actually figure out what it would be in words. I would like to talk more on how I would go about doing that.” 

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Now is the time to get out of your own way!

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