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The Confident You Program

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Millennial Professionals and Entrepreneurs

I know you are a high-achiever, self-motivated, driven, and high-performing...


BUT you still feel emptiness and frustration inside because you have been lacking the confidence you need to take action for your goals...


Maybe you feel unsure of your purpose and that has left you feeling discouraged...


Perhaps you've been feeling like you don't know where to start first to achieve your BIG goals...


And you get stuck overthinking, become overwhelmed, and have been feeling paralyzed.


Well, now is the time to become The Confident You...

Just $29/mo


Become The Confident You!

This program is designed to empower millennial professionals and entrepreneurs to increase their confidence to achieve BIG goals so they can make their created impact in the world. 

          Identify your strengths, skills, talents, and gifts

          Gain clarity of your why/your purpose

          Communicate your strengths with confidence

          Clarify your "special sauce"

          Command a room with your leadership style

Just $29/mo

Goal Setting for Success Masterclass™

8 Steps To Accomplishing Your Professional Goals In Less Time with The Possibility Framework™

To accomplish goals, millennial professionals MUST have the mindset they need to achieve those goals.


What good is a S.M.A.R.T. goal if you don't feel motivated or confident enough to take action?

That's why Shelly created The Possibility Framework™, a proven 8-Step goal success coaching model that provides millennials with the practical tools and strategies they need to regain confidence, gain clarity for their goals, understand their why, and set a clear path with actionable steps.

Just $29/mo


What you'll get:

  • Monthly virtual group coaching - $297 value

  • Community meetups (priceless)

  • Access to Shelly's Signature Goal Setting for Success Masterclass - $499 value

  • Access to The 5WH Method™ to Making Your Created Impact - $149 value

  • Access The Purpose Activation Workshop - $249 value

  • Access The How To Come Into Your Purpose Training - $149 value

  • Access 5 Strategies to Increase Your Confidence Training - $99 value

All this for only $29/mo

Our Clients Say

Jasmine with colorful blazer next to flower flinalized.png
"Learning my own process is what you helped me to accomplish with your framework. It definitely works and I’m super appreciative! You’re providing us with something we didn’t know we needed. Thank you! Thank you! Within a week my mindset changed. I’m appreciative for your framework and the process!."

- Jasmine

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